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MK2 Signalling device

MK2 Signalling device

A Robust, IP65, easy to install Long Life Battery Operated Signalling Device, which can be connected to each other in series to create a Long Distance Signalling System.

It provides audible and visual signalling and in a system all signals will be repeated by all connected units.
The system incorporates a bi-directional activation mechanism for easy signalling from anywhere in the scraper path by means of bell wires.

An illuminated push button on each unit visually indicates signals and can be used to generate signals. This is especially helpful to pre-warn people along the scraper path before assuming or resuming scraper operations

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Available Options :

  • Quality :


  • Sealed device - IP65 Rating
  • 85dB high efficiency piezo-electric sounders
  • Integrated high visibility illuminated activation push button
  • Stainless steel bi-directional activation mechanism
  • Terminal connectors for linking units to create a signal system
  • "No Contact" detection technology for extreme environment.
  • Pulse technology for moisture and corrosion resistant coupling link.
  • Zero battery drain through condensation on coupling terminals or switch.
  • Coupling link carries no power for IS compliance.
  • 2 Year operating life expectancy.(Typical usage)
  • Low cost, No maintenance, disposable.